You Can Now Download iOS 11

Apple teased us with the next version of iOS in June, revealing a bunch of new features at WWDC that wouldn't be ready until today -- unless of course you love the thrill of a potentially buggy public beta, which has been available since the end of June. But if you like to play it safe, or if you simply never bothered getting your hands on the update early, today is the day my friends. Most of the world can now officially download iOS 11.

Photo: Apple

Apple's updated operating system became available in Sydney on Wednesday at 3AM AEST. iPhone Hacks has a pretty comprehensive table showing what time the update will likely be available for you depending on your time zone.

iOS 11 has a number of new features -- an updated Control Center design, an app for managing files, a one-handed keyboard, and new photography filters, to name a few. The release also includes upgrades to the App Store, Apple Maps and Siri. And it's good news for privacy advocates, too: iOS 11 forces apps to give users the option to only share their location while apps are in use -- a win for your battery and a loss for companies that may want to inconspicuously collect your sweet data.

Once iOS 11 rolls out to your device, you can download it by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone or iPad.



    Done, and working fine.

    I had some issues with my VPN (PIA), but that's sorted out now.

      Checked out car bluetooth calls yet?

      The last update made incoming calls go to the phone not to the car and so id have to press it onto phone then back onto car blue tooth before being able to hear the caller....... not really ideal for "hands free". have to let the call ring out then call them back and it works fine. Very annoying

        Don’t have Bluetooth in my car, so can’t comment on that. Sorry.

    Anyone update an iPad Pro (1st Gen) to iOS 11 and didn't get the TV App?

    Finding it a bit glitchy. Sometimes hit a button and I don't seem to get a response. Running is on 6s plus.
    Im writing to Apple everyday to make them bring back 3D touch Multi tasking.

    There has been another frustrating diversion with IOS 11.
    When you 3D touch notifications to bring up passcode to unlock, it instead brings up huge Touch ID icon and an option to go through passcode unlock. Why?.... Just adds extra step for no reason.

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