Which ‘Future’ Technology Do You Think Is Most Likely To Happen?

Which ‘Future’ Technology Do You Think Is Most Likely To Happen?
Image: Gizmodo

Do you think augmented reality contact lenses will ever actually exist as a mainstream tech product? How about widely available lab-grown organs? Proper hoverboards (not these ones)?

A recent survey conducted by IT training firm CBT Nuggets revealed a little about what we think will and won’t happen in the future.

Thast’s right – nearly a third of those surveyed didn’t think printable food would ever be possible, even though a company managed to do just that by using edible ingredients instead of traditional plastics in 2014. Of course, whether you’d want to eat printed food is a different question altogether.

Almost a third of people also said the Iron Man suit would never be possible, although at least one UK man is bent on proving them wrong. Early reports in 2017 indicate that the US military is also testing its own version of a so-called Iron Man suit, with the expectation that a fully functional prototype would be ready within the next 18 months.

Turns out people were most convinced they’d get to see self-driving cars go mainstream, as well as vertical farming, and holograms – probably because they already have.