Tom Hanks Hints At David S. Pumpkins Returning To Saturday Night Live

Halloween is about to get a whole lot more Pumpkins.

Last year, Tom Hanks became the Halloween Meme of 2016 with Saturday Night Live‘s bizarrely wonderful David S. Pumpkins sketch. Now, it looks like he might be coming back this season. Hanks recently shared a script for “The David S. Pumpkins Song”, a (hopefully non Nicolas Cage-esque) Sorcerer’s Apprentice musical tribute starring the Pumpkin King himself.

Halloween isn’t for another 44 days, so I’m guessing this is a Digital Short that’s being filmed in advance for an October episode of Saturday Night Live. After all, Hanks is a busy man.

Of course, he could be tricking us into falsely prophesying Pumpkins’ epic return, which would result in many tears. But given that Hanks is basically a hug in human form, I’d like to think he wouldn’t yank our chains like that. Saturday Night Live returns in the US September 30. As to the Pumpkin… I guess we’ll just have to wait until he graces our elevator doors once more.