This Real-Life Umbrella Gun Would Make A Kingsman Proud

Video: To be a Kingsman you need all kinds of high-tech super-spy gear: Custom-tailored bulletproof suit, grenade lighters, knife shoes, and, of course, an umbrella that turns into a gun. None of that stuff is actually real, though... or is it?

Image: Fox

The team at the Hacksmith did their best to make at least one of those things real: The umbrella gun. And the result is way closer to the movie than you will expect. This video is great.

For more info on the umbrella, visit this page. Kingsman: The Golden Circle opens September 21.




    Shoot him in the foot, first part of the problem solved.

    When he drops the Gunbrella whist wincing in pain, tap tap, straight to the forehead.

    Or just shoot the umbrella and his feet will get showered in hot lead anyway.

    not umbrella guns so much but info on another innocuous item; lots of antique walking sticks - like lots - that turn up at auction turn out to be firearms and a surprise to their current owners who often had no idea granny was sporting a 44 all those years.

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