The Eerie New Trailer For Amazon’s Lore Blurs The Lines Between Fantasy And Reality

The Eerie New Trailer For Amazon’s Lore Blurs The Lines Between Fantasy And Reality

Video: There are plenty of true crime and horror podcasts to choose from, but the thing that’s always made Aaron Mahnke’s Lore stand out is the unsettling way it weaves actual accounts of unsolved mysteries together with regional mythology to tell deeply unsettling stories about the supernatural.

Image: Amazon

Within every tale of a small town dealing with a poisoned well or strange disappearances in the nearby woods is a kernel of something from the beyond — a vengeful spirit or a malicious forest creature playing tricks on the human population for sport. If the simplest explanation for a mystery is the most obvious, then it stands to reason that, at least sometimes, the things menacing people aren’t always other humans. At least some of the time, Lore suggests, the secrets hidden beneath the most obvious truths are exactly the supernatural oddities we suspect them of being.

In the latest trailer for Amazon’s live action anthology series based on classic Lore episodes, we get a better look at what some of the show’s stories will look like. They come across like a balance between Unsolved Mysteries and early, genre-heavy episodes of the X-Files. You have a classic tale of a pre-industrial haunting, a man who suspects his wife of being a changeling demon, and of course, there’s a child who speaks to a doll whose voice only he can hear.

Lore very much wants to sell you on the idea that the things that go bump in the night are all too real — and are scheming to come and terrorise you when you least expect it. Find out whether or not you believe the Lore hype and check out the trailer below; the show comes to Amazon Prime starting Friday, October 13.