'Telstra One Number' Is Telstra's New eSIM Tech

Hot on the back of Apple's announcement of the new Watch Series 3, the first Aussie telco to support its integrated eSIM has come out swinging. Telstra's new One Number service will let you hook up your phone and wearable to the same phone number and mobile data plan.

There's no pricing announced for One Number just yet, nor any official confirmation of when it'll be available. The timing of the announcement, though, strongly suggests that it'll launch alongside the Apple Watch Series 3 on September 22. It'll initially be available to post-paid consumer customers, though Telstra says it'll roll out to small business, enterprise and prepaid users in the future too.

From Telstra:

"Telstra is pleased to announce that Australians will soon be able to make and receive phone calls and check and send text messages from their compatible wearable device without needing their smartphone with them, with the launch today by of embedded SIM card technology. The new technology – called Telstra One Number – connects wearable devices directly to Telstra’s mobile network and extends the owner’s smartphone mobile number to the wearable."

A Telstra spokesperson told Gizmodo that the service is already available, and that customers will be able to use it with its first supported wearable -- probably the Watch Series 3 -- this month.

"The Telstra One Number technology is live now and customers will be able to benefit from it when we launch our first eSIM supported wearable before the end of this month."

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    That's pretty neat. Would like to see that in action.

    would not like to pay very much more at all for that feature. If it's using the one plan it should be free or next to free given that you can already get separate sims on one account.

    This is really funny. Its seems that old brands are back in fashion. I was the Product Manager for Telstra One Number back in the 90's. The concept a little to difficult to be successful back then but in the current environment, this innovation (Which is a step beyond what 8x8 or 3CX already do) will do well for Telstra.

      It's funny what ideas were flops back then are now good ideas now.
      OzEmail had the ability to link online purchases to your internet bill via OzEpay, which is similar to a few initiaitives in the last couple of years.

        Did someone say Newton to iPhone? Apple have a history of trying again on previously failed tech. Sometimes it just takes a change in the commercial environment to make them work, as well as tech catching up. Although I don't think Apple waited long enough after Samsung for face recognition, based on Tim Cook's failed demo this morning! But generally, they'll wait until the tech is stable and is ready for mainstream. Will be interesting to see what gets revised next.

    When will eSIM come to the iPhone as it already exists in the US.

      Which iphones are running the eSim?
      I thought the only devices was the ipads with embedded sims... used as a way to test and prove their method.
      I think phones are a different kettle in getting the eSIM or embedded SIMs to be approved by the communication bodies.

        My bad - I thought the Apple Sim was standard now.

    I think most of the device manufacturers have been pushing this for a while. No doubt Apple sees it as a way to shed another bit of hardware from inside the phone (they're always looking for something to remove).

    They promote it as a way for users to easily choose/switch networks (turn up in a new country, see a list of providers, choose one, off you go...).

    The providers don't want it because it makes it too easy to leave.

    e-SIM will be an interesting battle in Australia.

    Edit: spelling.

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    Say goodbye to your smartwatch's already dismal battery life once it connects to a mobile network.

      I think the idea is to have it connected to cellular for the times that you’d rather not take your phone (working out, cycling, deep sea diving...) but still be reachable if it’s important, rather than spending the whole day phone free (which I would personally be a huge fan of...)

      Apple's claims on battery life reveal a pretty wide gap depending on use case:

      Up to 18 hours of casual use
      Up to 10 hours of local audio playback
      Up to 10 hours of workout with heart rate
      Up to 5 hours of workout with heart rate and GPS
      Up to 4 hours of workout with heart rate, GPS and LTE
      Up to 3 hours for a Bluetooth-connected phone call
      "Over 1 hour" for an LTE-connected phone call

        They need to start integrating some sort of bendable battery into the watch bands, and a solar bezel for us who live in places where it hardly ever rains...

        Damnnn.... well that totally kills the idea for me.

          Dunno, some sources quote completely differing LTE duration, it could be incorrect

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