Slime Versus Shredder, Or The Battle Between Kitchen Science And Industrial Machine

No one asked to watch gold slime being shredded into tiny pieces. Maybe your weird friend Daryl in a Red Bull-induced haze of… redness? Well, someone wanted it or at least, wanted to do it. In our case, that someone is PressTube, the home of all-things-destroyed-in-entertaining-fashion.

Now, gold slime isn’t an actual substance. What you’re seeing is a combination of glue, gold paint/powder and bicarbonate of soda. If you want to make it yourself, you can find out how in this surreal video, which straddles the previously undefined border between tutorial clip and experimental cinema.

As for slime versus shredder? Shredder wins, obviously, but the sound the slime makes as it’s broken down into wobbly, rectangular shards? If I could only hear the audio, I’d swear someone was shoving a body into a wood chipper.

Is it just me? It’s a disturbing sound, right?