Show Yourselves, Star Trek Nerds

Show Yourselves, Star Trek Nerds

After this morning’s fun, the folks at Netflix came back to me with one small additional fact: the number of accounts in Australia that have watched all the Star Trek episodes on the streaming service.

Since Netflix launched in Australia 29 months ago, and since all six Trek series were added, here’s how many Aussie viewers have consumed all 536 hours of the six series:


Is that a lot? Is that not many at all? I really can’t decide.

536 hours, just by the way, is 22 straight days of viewing. If you watched three episodes a night after work or school, it’d still take a solid 250 days to complete the marathon.

So, if you’re out there — show yourself. Stand tall and declare your love for Trek. Tell us all why you did, and what it was like.

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