Rising Electricity Costs Are Hitting Australian Manufacturers, Hard

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The Australian manufacturing industry is feeling the pinch of electricity bills, according to ACCC Chairman Rod Sims.

The ACCC is currently conducting inquiries into both the affordability of retail electricity, and gas market supply and demand.

The ACCC retail electricity inquiry is investigating competition, the representation of prices to consumers, and other factors influencing the prices paid by Australians for electricity. The inquiry into retail electricity prices is due to present a preliminary report to the Treasurer by 27 September 2017. A final report is due by 30 June 2018.

In addition, the ACCC gas inquiry is examining the supply and demand of wholesale gas in Australia, including the pricing, volume and availability of gas for domestic supply and export. The ACCC will provide six-monthly reports on gas market transparency measures, in addition to publishing more regular information as appropriate. The first report is due in October 2017

"We at the ACCC have been sounding the alarm in relation to business energy costs for some time. It is great that there is now considerable focus on this issue," ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

"We have gas affordability issues for completely different reasons to those driving our electricity affordability issues. The gas shortage, however, is making the electricity affordability issues worse."

Sims says moratoria and other regulatory restrictions in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania are preventing or impeding onshore gas exploration and development in those states, and particularly causing higher gas prices in the south.

Sims says there are a number of issues that have contributed to the current electricity affordability crisis, particularly rising network costs, but also market concentration in generation.

"The rules never envisaged a generation market as concentrated as what we now have. In each state the combined market shares of the two or three most significant generators is well over 70 per cent, sometimes much higher," Sims said.

"We are told we have three issues to deal with in electricity: reliability, sustainability and affordability. Basic economics says with three problems you need three different solutions. Beware of 'silver bullets' that are said to address all three objectives," Mr Sims said.

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    Most of what he said was spot on. The only bit he got wrong was that privatisation wasn't the reason for higher prices. He totally got wrong that prices in Victoria are higher than NSW because of privatisation, instead harping on the fact that the NSW liberal government had contributed to high prices by hiking up NSW prices to fatten up the cow for privatisation.

      And the strange part is NSW spend bugmoney on their infrastructure. It's too notch gear and it's also build smart. 330kv is built so that it can run 500kv with minor changes etc. Where as VIC is a lot more bottom solar. But we still pay more.

    Don't hold back Hot Rod... these companies must be quaking in their boots. So, how did "market concentration in generation" occur with such a heavyweight like the ACCC keeping an eye on competition? As long as you can afford your latte hey Rod? One of those C's definitely stands for "comedic"...

      Yes, the energy companies will be terrified of Rocket Rod and immediately drop their prices. Just like the petrol companies did. Or maybe they didn't. I can't remember. Remind us all Rod.

    And everyone else. I've heard amateur sporting clubs being crippled by increased costs.

    Wow who would have thought that selling the power grid to your school tie mates would have brought us here ...go figure

    The whole thing is a fass; they have us by the short and curlies and they know it. They simply just don't care about the end customers who can't afford to make ends meet.

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