Report: Disney Refused To Let ABC Cancel Agents Of SHIELD After Its Fourth Season

Image: ABC

The most recent season of Agents of SHIELD finally held its own against Marvel’s films and other television projects that have outshined it in the past. There was magic, mystery, an explicit condemnation of the Nazi organisation that is Hydra, and a very clever take on the “darkest timeline” TV trope.

However, while Agents of SHIELD seems to have finally found its footing, it’s also become increasingly cut off from Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, with no clear plans for any sort of integration in the near future. To that end, according to a new report from Variety, ABC was all but ready to cancel Agents of Shield after its fourth season, and would have done so if not for Disney pulling rank and forcing its renewal. No specific reason is mentioned for the potential cancellation, though the publication notes that the network is mired in an overall “ratings rut.”

It would stand to reason that some might see the show as extra weight that could easily be cast off in favour of a new project that might lead to a ratings boost, but for the time being, Agents of SHIELD lives on. The show’s fifth season is due to premiere later this year.