New Insidious: The Last Key Trailers Will Give You A Serious Case Of Kleidiphobia

Video: Kleidiphobia (the fear of keys) is one of those interesting, uncommon quirks of the brain that can make for spooky stories even though, for most people, keys aren’t very scary. If you’ve ever wondered what a terrifying, key-themed ghost story might look like, the Insidious franchise has you covered.

Image: Universal

Set years before the other three Insidious instalments, The Last Key seemingly hits all the same beats as its predecessors while hoping that its horrifying new ghosts who, um, shove keys into people’s bodies will scare you enough to make up for the movie’s lean budget. Lin Share returns as medium Elise in a new story set in her New Mexico hometown were her childhood home is — surprise — being haunted by a bunch of maladjusted ghosts.

In typical Insidious fashion, much of the film seems to take place in a house and feature the use of night-vision, jump scares and eerie practical effects to make a movie that is both unsettling to watch and relatively cheap to produce. Check out the first two trailers for the film below: