New Images Introduce Us To The Cast And World Of The Punisher

We still don’t know exactly when The Punisher, the latest series in Marvel and Netflix’s ongoing comic book saga, is going to arrive, but the streaming service is slowly but surely revealing a few hints of what to expect from Frank Castle’s return… including a new look for Frank.

All Images: Netflix

Netflix has released the first batch of images from the show, giving us our best look yet at the series beyond the cryptic teaser that played at the end of The Defenders last month. We get glimpses of Frank’s military past:

Present-day Frank meeting up with Karen Page (Deborah Ann-Woll), with Frank bearded and low-key, presumably because as someone who’s infamous for going on a mass-murder spree you want to avoid people recognising you:

A look at David Lieberman, AKA Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach), Frank’s longtime hacker ally in the comics, and his wife, Sarah (Jaime Ray Newman):

Big bad Billy Russo, AKA Jigsaw (Ben Barnes), the gunman in the comics hired to cover up the botched assassination attempt that got Frank’s family killed in the crossfire — but included in the show as a former combat vet friend of Frank’s who now runs a private military company:

A few more military figures, including another member of Frank’s old Marine unit, Curtis Hoyle (Jason R. Moore), and Lewis Walcott (Daniel Webber), a new character for the show described as a young veteran struggling to adapt to civilian life:

And finally, a few more new characters for the series: Sam Stein (Michael Nathanson) and Dinah Madani (Amber Rose Revah), Homeland Security Agents tasked with tracking down the bloody path carved by the Punisher:

The Punisher is set to drop on Netflix later this year.