How To Get 280 Character Tweets, Right Now

How To Get 280 Character Tweets, Right Now
Image: Twitter / @Biz

Want double-length tweets on Twitter? We all do. And you don’t have to wait for Twitter to enable it on your account, either — here’s how to send a 280-character tweet right now.

Web developer Juliette Pretot has created a three-step guide to instant 280-character tweets, based on Zemnmez’s code on Github.

It’s really two steps after the first time, actually, and works on any desktop browser (we’ve tested Chrome and Safari):

  1. Bookmark a snippet of code
  2. Head to Tweetdeck
  3. Click the bookmark, then tweet

There are a few caveats: you’ll have to be on a desktop browser to do this, and you’ll have to make your tweets using Tweetdeck.

We’ve double-checked this method on two accounts, and it works. Go nuts. [Juliette Pretot]