Getting An iPhone 8? Here's 5 Of The Best iPhone Cases

Getting a new iPhone tomorrow? You should want to make sure it stays pristine from the moment you buy it: it's good for resale value, and it's good for your own long-term enjoyment of your $1000-plus investment. Here are some new cases to keep the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus safe.

Image: Cygnett

Cygnett has been making iPhone cases for ages, and it has a heap for the iPhone 8 already. All of them are still coming soon, but the straightforward Orbit and the relatively versatile CitiWallet caught my eye. I've used Cygnett cases in the past and they're sturdy without being expensive: the Orbit, for example, is $34.95 and the CitiWallet flip wallet is only a few dollars more at $59.95. They're good basics.

Image: Nodus

Nodus makes some excellent vegetable tanned Italian leather cases for the iPhone, and it's already announced new variants to suit Apple's latest launches. The Access Case is a flip cover that attaches with a microscopic suction pad rather than a sticky glue back -- either way, there's no gross residue on your iPhone after. Nodus also makes another case which works with its tiny magnetic micro dock, without looking like an ugly chunky mess. Here's the Shell case for the iPhone 8.

Image: EFM

EFM's Aspen and Cayman cases for the iPhone 8 include some pretty high-tech D3O impact protection tech despite having slim bumpers and a thin polycarbonate back plate (3.4mm and 1.2mm respectively) and massively higher impact resistance than the "the current leading protective case". You can pick up an Aspen case here and a Cayman case here; the Cayman is $59.95 and the Aspen is $49.95.

Image: Mujjo

Mujjo is a European company that makes super-slim full leather cases for iPhones, and its newest cases for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been slightly redesigned since the last iteration. Mujjo's cases are very, very minimal -- the leather sits barely a millimetre above the iPhone's screen glass, just enough to protect it from abrasion. Mujjo does single card wallet cases, dual card cases and no cards at all.

Image: Tech21

Tech21 has been my personal go-to for smartphone cases for my last couple of long-term phones, and they've proved themselves in the real world for me more than a couple of times. Tech21's Pure Clear does a very good job of showing off whichever phone colour you've invested your hard-earned cash in, but there are cases that have different designs like the Evo Wallet as well as extra protection if you need it for an especially active life.



    What’s the deal with Qi charging with different types of cases on, especially since I’d probably have a Mujjo case with two cards in the back of it..?

      Qi charging should work within a range of about 5mm of the charging pads. Anything but a metal case shouldn't affect it.

      If those cards have RFID circuits in them, that might muck up, but I honestly don't know. I could try? Actually I'll ask and if I get a response I'll let you know.

        It’s usually just a license and my Medicare card so no chips,

    I had the EFM Aspen case for my iPhone 6 and currently use it on my iPhone 7. Works a Wonder, haven't cracked my screen since.

      Just bought one from Tekitin. Lets see how it goes.

    Have the nodus leather case on my 6S and will probably get it on the 8. Highly recommended.

    i Loved the Goosperry Canvas Wallet Case
    This canvas wallet case from Goosperry is a nice change of pace among the leather-esque designs most common for iPhone wallet cases.

    Its fabric material is light and durable, allowing its front card slot cover to safely protect your phone. Its internal snap-on case further protects your phone from drops and scratches.

    Price: $13.98

    Check out Kulör Cases. I’ve got a customised iPhone 8 Plus Case from them and their cases are really cool! And leather cases work fine with wireless charging.

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