Finally, The Chance To Slather Your Lounge With Harry Potter Paraphernalia 

Image: Pottery Barn.

I mean, I'm sure there are other rooms you could slather with Pottery Barn's five-years-too-late collection of Harry Potter items. But one of their suggested room ideas is for a Gryffindor cushy lounge, so obviously that's all we can think about now.

Like its absurd Star Wars collection before it, Pottery Barn's latest collection is a living tribute to both the Harry Potter franchise and incredibly ostentatious home decor. And that's not me embellishing anything, they literally call this $US300 ($377) mirror an "elaborately arched" mirror:

But if you're looking for something less elaborately arched and more distinctly Potter-ish, then the collection still has you covered, whether it's something as simple as Hogwarts-House-emblemed pennants and tumblers:

To bedsheets strewn with Daily Prophet clippings:

To a framed tribute to that one time the wizarding world libeled a teenage boy as a potential magical terrorist:

Sadly I'm not seeing a listing for the gigantic, ceiling-hung owl you can see in the trailer for the collection below. Which is a shame, because I am of the utmost belief that a room can only be tied together by the presence of a gigantic, ceiling-hung owl.

You'll have to make do with a Hedwig lamp, I suppose. You can see even more — oh God so many — Harry Potter items from the collection at the link below.

[Pottery Barn]

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