Even More Wild Star Wars Figures And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Even More Wild Star Wars Figures And More Of The Coolest Toys Of The Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, ours weekly roundup of the coolest collectibles around. This week: Star Wars! Sure we just got a whole bunch of them last Friday, but somehow the world managed to make space for even more Star Wars toys. Can you believe it? But there’s more than the galaxy far, far away to tempt your wallet this week.

Star Wars Movie Realisation Figures

Star Wars returns to feudal Japan for even more of these weird and wonderful samurai-esque takes on the galaxy far, far away. Only one of the three new figures from Tamashii Nations is really new — the Ronin Jango Fett is simply a repaint and tweaking of Toyark]

Batman: The Animated Series Rogues Gallery Action Figure 5-Pack

Hollywood can keep churning out Batman movies as long as it wants, but they will never hold a candle to Bruce Timm’s animated series that premiered 25 years ago. To commemorate that anniversary, DC Entertainment is releasing a five pack of figures from the cartoon including detective Renee Montoya, Bane, Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy. The set includes accessories for each figure, and elaborate light-up packaging that looks like a miniature prison. The catch? It also includes a $US175 ($217) price tag. It’s a good thing we loved that cartoon.

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Last Jedi Kylo Ren

Were you disappointed that Kylo Ren turned out to be as whiny and angsty as his uncle Luke was? Hot Toys’ talented sculptors have almost captured Adam Driver’s likeness here, but were apparently aiming for more of a high school yearbook look, rather than the henchman for a new generation of Sith. The sixth-scale figure includes 30 points of articulation, seven swappable hands, Ren’s helmet, and a light-up version of his jaggedy lightsaber that for some reason he keeps being posed with as if he’s leaning on it like it’s a real sword. Guys, lightsabers don’t work like that. Expect it to be available sometime next year with a price tag between $US200 ($248)-300. [Hot Toys]

Star Trek: The Next Generation Warp Core USB Car Charger

ThinkGeek continues to come up with fun ways to turn your car’s cigarette lighter into a useful tool for charging your toys. First there was the R2-D2 USB charger that sits in a cupholder, then a Back to the Future-inspired flux capacitor, but now fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation can put a semi-functionality warp core in their rides. This $US40 ($50), 12-volt charger won’t power warp engines, but it will charge two tablets at the same time, which are crucial for your long drives to the final frontier — or grandma’s house. [ThinkGeek]

Mezco One:12 Red Skull

Most of Mezco’s super-cool comic book figures have focused on the good guys, but the villains get a shot in the arm with the arrival of the Red Skull in the line. Based on his old-school comic appearances, this figure is pretty threadbare — aside from the simple clothing he just comes with a pistol, a flamethrower, a cosmic cube and the alternate hands needed to hold any of those things. But what makes it work is the two headsculpts that come bundled too: one, a stern and steely expression worthy of one of Marvel’s cruelest villains. The other, a completely manic and wild-looking expression that’s both sinsiter and goofy, and looks like it was magically lifted out of the pages of a ’60s Captain America comic. It’s delightful. [Mezco]

Nerf Zombie Strike Dreadbolt Bow

Dating back to its original Bow ‘n’ Arrow that was first released in 1991, Nerf’s arrow-firing toys have always relied on a blast of air to send the projectiles soaring. But the new $US50 ($62) Zombie Strike Dreadbolt crossbow features an actual elastic string that’s stretched and primed using a simple lever beneath the toy. It also comes with five arrows that each feature an extra-soft rubber tip, but you’ll still want to avoid finding yourself in this blaster’s crosshairs. [Nerf]