Cassie Sainsbury’s Alleged Innocence Is Hidden Behind A Lock Screen Pattern

Image: 60 Minutes / Facebook

Accused drug mule Cassie Sainsbury has another twist in the story she’s told a Colombian court where she’s on trial for allegedly attempting to traffick 5.8kg of cocaine: she’s innocent, and the proof is on her phone. Behind a lock screen password pattern she can’t remember.

“Don’t you think that’s an incredibly convenient thing to have happened?… I don’t know another millennial who has forgotten their password,” asks 60 Minutes Liam Bartlett in the interview, which you can watch on Facebook below.

“It’s very true, I haven’t used it in six months, I’m not going to remember a pattern… I’m sure if you were in prison for five months you would forget it,” Sainsbury replied.

“If I knew my password — and I told my lawyer — I’d give it.”

Would you forget your phone’s pattern? In all fairness, I’ve forgotten a pattern unlock once on one of my phones, but that was a pattern for a secure folder app, and I normally use a passcode. And hey, maybe she has a terrible memory?

There are at least 389112 possible combinations for Android’s nine-dot unlock, if not more in more up-to-date versions, so guessing it just by luck seems unlikely. [Facebook]