Bose's SoundSport Free Could Be The Best Wireless Earbuds Yet

Image: Bose

Everyone's got a bit of AirPod fever, it seems. In the wake of Apple's announcement of its tiny wire-free rechargeable earbuds, every man and his dog has introduced some kind of wireless earphones. Bose's first look like they could well be the pick of the litter, too -- in part due to a new antenna setup for reliable Bluetooth, a common complaint with these tiny earbuds.

Bose has built a reputation for being very good with getting great sound out of small speakers, and the SoundSport Free hopefully continues that tradition. They certainly tick all the other boxes I've been looking for in a good set of wireless earbuds: great battery life, supposedly good wireless performance, and more.

Bose says the SoundSport Free weighs barely 10g, but told The Verge that they'd work with devices up to 3 metres away. Considering most wireless earbuds struggle when you've got your phone tucked into your waistband or in a pocket while exercising, this is a revelation. Bose's new Bluetooth antenna setup looks like it has the goods, at least on paper.

Five hours' battery life from the headphones is Bose's claim, making the SoundSport Free probably the most long-lived wireless 'buds for their size class; the new Jabra Elite Sport claim 4.5 hours and Apple's AirPods claim five too. As with most (or all) other wireless earbuds, there's a magnetic charging and carry case that promises two full extra charges for the headphones for an additional 10 hours' listening time.

I've checked in with Bose to see if the company plans to bring the SoundSport Free to Australia, and how much they'll cost; I'll let you know if I hear anything back. In the US, they'll be $US249.95, a hefty jump over the AirPods' $US159. [Bose]



    Another typical Campbell article (stealthy Apple advertisement) ignoring that other companies made things before Apple. Even though Samsung had the Gear IconX before the Airpods in the same year...

    But these look awesome.

      A stealthy Apple advertisement that's not for an Apple product? :) In all honesty, if you're thinking that maybe it's because it's literally the fortnight that everything Apple happens - I'm going to be writing about them a lot because of that.

      The original Gear IconX were pretty trash by all accounts, I never used them myself though. But I love my Jabra Elite Sport more than my Airpods by a country mile.

        It doesn't have to be for the Apple product itself to be a stealthy advertisement. I'm talking about the constant name dropping of Apple (especially in the first paragraph) and its products in most articles you author.

        I acknowledge that the comparison can be made seeing as this is a tech website but that is something I would expect in a review, not in an announcement article. I mean if you look at the article you did last year (, there was no mention of other companies that had done wireless earphones before, making things like this seem very bias.

        And if you don't think you have put an Apple advertisement in this Bose announcement post then I would like to point you to your last line "In the US, they'll be $US249.95, a hefty jump over the AirPods' $US159.". Literal advertising of the cheaper price of the Airpods in comparison to the Bose price. Something that again, I would expect to see in comparison/review posts but not news posts.

          I think you and I have a different opinion of what a news post should be, then!

          Also, check that AirPods article, because it says this: "Wireless headphones aren't new either, guys. They've been around for years."

          This always happens in September - everyone complains that we're Apple fanboys because we're writing about Apple because there was a giant goddamn Apple announcement. Same thing happens in February with Samsung and the Galaxy series.

          Don't worry, it will die down in October! Or November! Or next September...

            Yeah, you say wireless headphones which to me brings to mind over the ear headphones which have been around as you said "for years", not wireless earbuds which have not been around that long.

            And I do know that it is this time of year but I think that it's a trend that a lot of people here have noticed still occurs throughout the whole year.

            Comparison to an Apple product just because it's the time of year doesn't really make a good argument, you have said yourself that the Jabra Elite sport are the best (but their price wasn't included in this article if you believe comparisons belong here) so I don't see the reason other than it being September that the Airpods had to be mentioned.

            Thanks for explaining your thought process though.

              Settle on the kettle, they're allowed to make references to products that are possibly more widely known on the basis of their marketing and brand reach, let alone their sales. Doesn't appear to be excessive reference to it at all. And it is that time of year!

        I went out and bought the Jabra's based on your review. They are great. After having the IconX's (which were nice but didn't last for both battery - 1.5hrs - and life - 93 days) and dealing with the cord on the non truly wireless kind for the last 6 months it's great to have something that both sounds great and holds a charge. Haven't gone anywhere near running it flat yet!

        I am, however, unhappy that you think these Bose buds could be the best wireless earbuds yet. Particularly after I only bought the Jabra's 3 days ago. Please retract! :)

          Ha! I've got the upgraded version of the Jabra's waiting on my review desk - twice the battery life of the originals (so you should have the upgraded versions...).

          Very happy with them! But I've always been a fan of Bose's headphone sound.

    What Drugs are you Gizmodo guys on? Sucking on poison Apples and becoming deluded.
    Apple was NOT the first company to create wireless individual ear earphones.
    FFS facts gentlment. NOT rabid Apple Fanboyism

    Can anyone point me to cheap Chinese sweat proof wireless earbuds?

    I really want to get a good pair like this or Jabra but just can't afford $400-$500 right now.

      For $21.35 these might be worth a try?

        Thanks for the reply mate but the link doesn't work - can you post the full link?

          Oops. Don't know what went wrong there. I can't recall what the site was. It was just a quick google search for "cheap wireless earbuds sweat proof". They weren't sweat proof, but they were cheap. I haven't found anything cheap that is reliable and lasts more than a few weeks.
          Sorry :\

            Ah ok no worries thanks for trying.

            I've found some non-sweatproof ones too but they don't last because I use them mainly on the treadmill. I guess you get what you pay for :)

    I've listen to a few true wireless headphones but until it gets better especially for the price I'm sticking with old school Bluetooth headphones. I wish they better cos I love the idea of them. Airpods have cool tech but not the sound to justify the price.


    The best earbuds on the market. Aussie company winning heaps of awards internationally. Check them out!

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