B&O’s BeoVision Eclipse Might Be The Best OLED TV Yet

Big-screen OLED TVs are all the buzz right now, with technology pioneer licencing its panels first to Sony, Panasonic and now Bang & Olufsen. But B&O’s new BeoVision Eclipse, with its support for the company’s super-high-end audio components, might just prove to be the best OLED TV built up until now.

At its core, the 55- or 65-inch BeoVision Eclipse is an LG OLED TV: it uses an LG OLED panel, and the on-screen smart TV interface is LG’s own WebOS 3.5. But it stands out from the crowd with an oversized Bang & Olufsen soundbar built into the lower bezel, and at 450 Watts its stereo left, right and centre channels should far outpace just about any other TV on the market.

But the real rub is that you can use the BeoVision Eclipse as just the centre channel of a full B&O home theatre setup — a full BeoLab setup that could run you into a six-figure sum, if you wanted. I don’t know that I’d choose anything other than OLED for my perfect home theatre, so the Eclipse is doing pretty much everything right from the get go.

As well as those picture and sound quality chops the BeoVision Eclipse also has a motorized stand, which can be controlled with the bundled remote control; you’ve also go options for a motorised (or manual) wall mount, as well as customisable covers for that soundbar. Thankfully so, too — I wouldn’t expect much less for the Eclipse’s price tag, $13,990 for the 55-inch and $19,990 for the 65-inch. [B&O]