Bellroy Makes Bags Now, And They're Gooooood

Remember the wallet nerds at Bellroy? Well, they're back -- and they've got bags.

There are six new bags in Bellroy's 'considered carry' line-up -- two backpacks called the Slim and the Classic, and four work bags (two that are slim, and two that concertina open for extra storage space). 'Thoughtfully designed' is what Bellroy wants people to think when they see its bags -- just like its wallets, the bags are made to be versatile without sacrificing looks.

The team behind Bellroy really knows bags -- they actually launched the website Carryology (one of my faves) years ago. And these bags are built for a combination of work and play -- they're weatherproof, for example, but all of them (in my opinion) look fashionable and professional enough to carry in and out of the office on a weekday. Colours are muted and styling is simple: they're all something you could wear with a suit and not look like that guy wearing a pair of bright white sneakers beneath his dress pants.

I've been test-driving the $369 Duo Totepack in marle Moss Grey for the last couple of days, and I'm already very impressed. It arrived to my desk in a slim Express Post package, and even out of the package it's a very skinny backpack -- just 450x350mm and 60mm thick. Despite that, it can hold 15 litres when fully expanded, and I'm confident I could fit a weekend's change of clothes in if I needed to.

For the time being, I'm just carrying it to work and back with my laptop and daily essentials and it's lightweight and just awesome. You can hide away the shoulders straps and use it as a tote, a feature that might also be useful if you're sliding it into overhead lockers during a plane trip. There are plenty of pockets inside, as well as a padded sleeve that will hold a 15-inch laptop or a smaller laptop inside its own padded case.

And here's how much they'll cost:

Classic Backpack: $189

Slim Backpack: $199

Duo Work Bag: $349

Duo Totepack: $369

Slim Tote: $239

Slim Work Bag: $239

All of Bellroy's bags are available here. [Bellroy]



    @campbellsimpson I am not so sure looking at this bag how the internals are for daily cycle commutes and air travel. i am currently looking for a backpack that looks nice and is functional (can hold my work laptop or surface pro 4, hard drive, headphones, travel wallet, lunch box etc). On top of all that i don't want it to be a behemoth.

    The slim looks nice but not sure how practical it would be considering the internals look quite cramped.

      Which one are you thinking of? I’ve only had a look at the totepack myself.

      @soletaken Check out the Everki 17in Swift. I've been rocking this for a few years now (after my messenger bag came to the end of its life) and for the price it is of surprising quality. Probably not the quality of the Bellroys, but for the price its not bad. The orange interior is also great as it makes it easy to find things tucked way down the bottom. They have a few other options in the range, but the swift is simple, cheap and effective. I got mine from PCCG.

      The Bellroy range looks great though I must say, but those prices... eek.

    I've always loved the Bellroy gear. I have one of their original Hide and seek wallets with a metal Owl insignia on the outside and also a single card iPhone case. They are so well built!

    @campbellsimpson Looking at the pictures on their web site, I don't see a loop on the back to slide it over your telescopic suitcase handle. Can you confirm? That's a deal breaker for me

      Yep, no loop on the back of the Totepack for a wheely suitcase handle -- you can hide those skinny straps away, but you can't attach the bag itself to rolling luggage.

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