Aston Martin's Built A $5 Million Personal Submarine James Bond Would Be Proud Of

Image: Aston Martin / Triton

I guess the luxury car business got a tad boring so, to keep things spicy, Aston Martin went and hit up Triton Submarines to work on a "creative collaboration" fusing AM's style with Triton's, er, substance? The result is Project Neptune, a personal sub so sleek it's the essence of wetness.

While the official page on Triton's website is cagey and full of fluff, Bloomberg's Sara Clemence managed to pry some hard details from the companies:

The model is based on Triton’s Low Profile (LP) platform, specifically designed for superyachts. At just 5.9 feet [1.8m] tall and 8800 pounds [4000kg], it’s the lightest and smallest three-person sub in production in the world, according to the company. It’s capable of diving to 1650 feet [500m], has a speed of 3 knots, or 3.5 miles [5.5km] per hour. It is also air-conditioned.

Air-conditioned? Sold.

Image: Aston Martin / Triton

Unsurprisingly, it'll be a "strictly-limited edition vehicle" and at $US4 million a pop (around $5.1 million Australian), I don't think you'll have hundreds of underwater enthusiast lining up with their gold-plated chequebooks.

I do wonder how much the optional rocket launcher costs though.

[Triton, via Uncrate]

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