Apple’s Best Beats Headphones Just Got Better

The best Beats headphones have finally had an update. The over-the-ear Beats Studio Wireless, with noise cancelling and Bluetooth, now has better noise cancelling and better Bluetooth with Apple’s W1 wireless chip, along with much improved battery life.

The newly released Beats Studio3 Wireless still have a microUSB cable rather than Lightning like the new BeatsX, but gains the ability to charge for just a few minutes to get a few hours of playback. The new Studio3 lasts for 22 hours of playback unlike the original Studio’s 12, or you can turn off the improved noise cancelling completely for 40 hours’ wireless battery.

You can buy the new Studio3 Wireless in Porcelain Rose, Matt Black, Red, White, Blue or Shadow Grey for $449.95 from the Apple Store; shipping starts mid-October. [Apple]