Apple iPhone X: Australian Price & Release Date

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OK, so you've already read all about the iPhone X. You know what it is. You want one. When can you get it, and how much will it cost? Here's exactly where you can find out.

The iPhone X will ship in Australia on November 3. Pre-orders start at 6:01PM AEDT on October 27.

The 64GB iPhone X will cost $1579 in Australia in both silver and space grey, while the 256GB iPhone X will cost $1829.

When it happens, we'll share with you the full details of pre-order offers from Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and other Aussie telcos.

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    1800 plus. Hahahahahaha. Thanks for the laugh, i needed it.

      well gizmodo stated that the iphone 8 isnt necessarily an upgrade from the iphone7, which i guess means that this phone is an 1800$ not necessarily an upgrade phone too....


        Mate, I replied to you in the other post. The 8 isn't much of an upgrade from the 7, it's for 5/s/6/s owners. The iPhone X is a different device entirely.

          Wait, its an upgrade for 5/s/6/s owners but not a 7 owner? only difference between an iPhone 6s and 7 is like an hour of battery life, beyond that there is no difference. I would argue really spec wise its an upgrade for 5/s and maybe 6.

            Hey Vurjin. 8 and 10 are actually different numbers. 10 is like 8 + 2. Not sure if this is simple enough for you to understand. If you need further explanation let me know and I will try and explain in more detail.

          im not having a dig at you man, simply astounded that a potentially 1800$ phone isn't considered an upgrade from the previous have to go back multiple years in order for it to be worthwhile....

          like i said before, hilarious.

          Last edited 13/09/17 12:23 pm

            jewgong - I think the author's point is that while the 8 may not be much of an upgrade from the 7, the X would indeed be an upgrade. Yes it's a ridiculous price - only for early adopters I'd say.

            I think you're confused.
            The 8 - is not considered *much* of an upgrade from the 7.
            The 8 isn't worth anywhere near 1800.

            The X (ten) - which you appear to think is an 8 - is most certainly a big step forward.

          A different device entirely with the same specs as a 2 year-old Samsung and 33% more expensive?

        You mean the iPhone 6 with wireless charging? Mad upgrade

          It is a big upgrade from the 6.

          Even vs the 7, the 8 has an updated camera, wireless charging, faster A11 processor, new gyroscope and accelerometer, Bluetooth 5 vs 4.2, starts at 64GB instead of 32GB.

          From the iphone 6 it is a massive upgrade, you get waterproofing, brighter display, improved camera, flash, wider aperture, 4K recording, Dual rear facing cameras, massively better front facing camera (7MP vs 1.2MP) bigger battery, double the RAM, more storage, much faster graphics and processor plus all of the features above from the 7 to the 8, just to list a few differences.

            An upgrade on the iPhone6 but steady with the Galaxy S6......

        Edit: remove

        Last edited 13/09/17 10:39 pm

        Why are you saying the iPhone 8 costs $1800? Where does it say that? This is all about the iPhone X, and you chose the most expensive of the options.

      Did you get up early so you could be the first to make a snarky comment? Hahahahahaha.

        I'm always up early. I get up at 5am and leave for work at 6. It's a prick on weekends when i want to sleep in but i can't. I'll go to bed at 3 - 4am and then wake at 6. So sleep deprived on weekends.

          Dude, I’m getting home from work when you’re just waking up! Technically, I’m always up early too...

      Just think of peoples willingness to pay big bucks as having a direct correlation to how hard those underage Chinese slave children will have to work to make make the product for them.
      Maybe someone can make an equation to determine the per dollar crack force applied to the Foxconn whip?

    Will be very popular just you watch. I'd be happy with the 8plus over my 6Splus - most if not all of the goodies are present in the 8.

      I mean, I want one...

        I'm still on my 5S, was hoping for another bump to the SE.

        The X looks marvelous, if I had more work I'd consider it. Phones are getting so grunty I'm starting to wish they made a dock for them so I could use it as a laptop replacement.

          a lot of smart TV's come with Airbeam now, then you'd just need a bluetooth keyboard. or you could use a stick PC running Airserver or Reflector.
          Not cheap, but probably as cheap as an official Apple dock would be.

            Thanks, I'll check that out.
            It would be cool to just slip my phone into the back of a touch-screen monitor and keyboard setup and have it work as a desktop.

              I get what you mean, but I think it would be even better to have no physical connection at all. The phone sits next to you charging on a Qi pad while you work on the larger screen.

              IF you went the Stick PC /Airserver route it'd be pretty much device agnostic too as you'll have Miracast and Google Cast compatibility.

              Wouldn’t you prefer your phone slipped into where the trackpad would be, and utilised as such?

        They should’ve full screened the SE the 4.7” and 5.5” models all at the same time, as a surprise, instead of going with the 8 iteration and the X.

        Still, I’ll be online in Oct ready to throw my cash at Telstra on their $199 plan with 100GB of data.

        I’ll have a 256gb Product Red 7+ for sale in November if anyone is keen.

          Holey moley! Power user to the MAXX! Here I am on my $25 per month Aldi Mobile prepaid!

            Yeah man... work, travel, international travel, data and calll roaming, craploads of data to feed the tablet or laptop when out and about blah blah blah

            Oh, and YouTube!

            Ok, so mostly YouTube and Netflix during work hours because site is so quite that we mostly just sit around and watch movies, and they won’t cough up the wifi password for anyone!

        wait a year I reckon. unless you can write it off on tax or something... :)

    Will be buying one day one

    Annoying that there is no 128, i have a 6 plus 128 and that suits my needs but a 64gb will not

    Also people complaining about the price? Don't buy one or save up some money for it that's all I'm gonna do for next couple months until it releases, plus I'll easily get about 500 for an iphone 6plus 128gb in like new condition. Thus making the phone like 1300 :)

    Last edited 13/09/17 7:40 am

    To put it into price perspective the 256gb iPhone X is just $70 less that a 256gb 12" MacBook or 13" MacBook Pro. The only thing that makes it not look "YIKES!" on price by comparison is the ceramic Edition & Hermes versions of the watch which cost $1829-$1969. Which is bonkers for something that has no more functionality than the $579 base model.

    Not to mention the Australian $ is currently just 20% lower than the US, with 10% GST that's 30% equivalency and yet the iPhone X is 58% more here than America. That's a 28% gouging mark up that can't be accounted for because when the dollar was parity a few years ago prices were only around 10% more due to the GST.

      Well, that's the thing isn't it, you basically have laptop specs crammed into a tiny device, with a 2436x1125 OLED screen, 12MP cameras, the ability to make phone calls, have internet everywhere etc. etc.

      Not that long ago we would have expected to pay two or three times the price of a laptop to have a full blown computer with massive battery life that you could slip in your pocket.

      Yes $1579 is a lump of cash, but for the tech you get that still seems incredible to me. I remember paying $1200 for a 900MB (0.9GB) SCSI hard drive in the 90s. The Motorola StarTac flip phone was USD1000 in 1996, which with inflation would be USD1500 now.

      We have been used to tech getting cheaper, and we still are getting much more for the money when it comes to screens, storage and processor than we were a few years ago.

      I wish it was $499, or better yet, free! The current price is too high for me, but I don't think it is too high for what you get. There are plenty of things I can't afford on my wage, it just means I don't buy them :)

      I'm not sure why people expect smaller tech to cost less than bigger tech.


        The reason why people think it's expensive is because you can get the similar phones at roughly half the price of the iphone X. The samsung s8 which has all the hall mark features of the Iphone X i.e. wireless charging, infinity display...etc but can be had for ~700 grey import, 800-900 on sale in aussie and regularly around 1k from official retailers.

          Well if you are going grey import, then the iPhone X is ~1200

          It will be interesting to see how the S8 compares in actual use.

        Xiaomi just released the second version of its mi mix and guess what, it's cheaper than the first. Some companies still give a fuck, just not Apple or Samsung.

          I've got far too many Xiaomi devices these days. Pricks might as well just garnish my wages hahaha! Every second post on OzBargain is something Xiaomi hahaha!

            So want the mi mix but it doesn't carry the right bands for Australia. Mi mix 2 is too small and wrong ratio for my liking. I just don't know what to get now. My son and his girlfriend love Xiaomi as well. Great cheap phones.

      @addmoney, you may want to work on your maths.
      Based on the current exchange rate, the 64GB is 37% more than US, while the 256GB is 44.7% more.

      Using today's rate would be idiotic however as it's hasn't been this high since JAN 2015. Even based on a safer more stable rate of 0.75 or 0.76 we're being screwed in a way we haven't been for ages.

        Yeah, at 0.75 which would be a reasonable exchange rate to use, then adding GST you are looking at AUD1685 for the 256GB model. We do seem to be getting screwed over a bit this time around.
        The pricing would be right if the dollar was around 70c US, which it hasn't been for a long time.

          I may be off the mark, but I understand the US Pricing to be the 'subsidised' handset cost. Not the outright purchase price. That's how I understood they advertise handsets over there.

      I saw a benchmark today which showed the X performing better than the '17 MacBook Pro. Didn't see much by way of detail but that is a pretty impressive spec for what it is worth. Also I think the phone is too costly.

    Someone is laughing all the way to the bank, and it's not you.

      On a plan for $10/$15 more a month will hardly be noticed by 99.999999% of the target market (nearly everyone 15-30).

        Will be interesting to see.

        Can't imagine being able to get this on a decent carrier with decent data for less than $100 a month, when the Samsung S8 is $75 a month and has an infinity edge display too I can see most non-hardcore fans switching to the cheaper option.

        Not a chance, the $1,080 iPhone 7 32GB attracts a $10-$15 premium at the moment. Expect this to be $30 - $35

      Personally, I laugh all the way to the bank every week, and the iPhone in my pocket helps me achieve that.

        Are you getting paid to be director of memes at a company? That's the dream.

          Living The Meme

          Not quite, but that certainly is a goal worth pursuing

            One Meme One Dream.

            it would actually be awesome though haha.

    I think the real news that's been missed is look at how much apple has been able to increase the profit margin on something that only has a marginally higher BOM cost just by making the general public go "oooohhhh pretty shiney thing, me want"

      How on earth is that true?

      Have you seen the increase in price they paid to go from LCD to OLED (Samsung)?

        Yeah, it was about $70 increase. Using publically available pricing, not the super-cheap deals that Apple could manage.

          Apple can't do much with OLED pricing when it only has one supplier. I think I read the BOM going up by $US100 from LCD to OLED.

    And yet the apple sheeple will still buy it.
    Nearly $1600 base price and another $250 for extra storage lol.

    Seriously their competitor Samsung's flagship is $700 cheaper with the same sort of design and specs, and can be upgraded with a simple micro sd card.

      If you don't care about the bezels the 8 Plus 64GB [Basically same phone as the X] is around the same price as the S8.

        Yeah, if you don't care about bezels, microSD, LCD, resolution ....

          Exactly, they aren't a big deal for me.

      Can you get an S8 with 256GB on board? (serious question)

      Memory via an SD card is not really comparable, it is a very different experience.

        S8 tops out at 128GB internal, though the Note 8 will be offered with 256GB.

        Depends very much what you use it for. If you want >128GB of apps, then internal is certainly faster. If you plan to fill your microSD mostly with pics/video/music then it's perfectly fine for that, and a fraction the price.

        It can also be expanded later, goes up to 400GB (currently), is easily swappable if you need even more space, can be moved to other devices, and you don't lose all the data on it if your phone dies. For a lot of uses, a microSD slot is objectively superior to internal, even if slower.

      I'll be getting it as a replacement for my Google Pixel XL, I had the note 7 before that and a note 4 before that. The price might seem rediculous to you but to those of us who've been using smart phones since 2007, this is still cheaper than what I used to pay. And my last iPhone was a 5c, which I got after a lumia and replaced with a blackberry q10.
      Not everyone looking to buy this are fan boys. And to thr ☓ the competitor would be more the note 8, which isn't 700 cheaper.

        And to thr ☓ the competitor would be more the note 8, which isn't 700 cheaper.

        Not really, the S8 and the X have the same screen size, body size and lack of stylus, makes sense to compare the two. There's no plus version of the X to compare to the Note8.

      The S8 is is $1199 to buy, the iphone 8 64 gb is $1079 256 is $1329 so it's $130 more. This article is about the iphone X which is more money yes. I have iphone for personnel use and Samsung for work, I prefer the iphone I always have, I like the ios more then Android, it's just personal preference. I'm not Sheeple and judging people on what phone they like is silly, you like Samsung I like iphone, big deal.

        I don't know where you buy your tech from, but the s8 can be easily bought in Australia for under $900.

        On that not I don't use a Samsung either, they are just the closest competitor to Apple for comparison purposes - I use a HTC.

        Careful, one side of the battlefield will see your comments as an act of war.

      I don't get why internal storage is such a hot topic anymore? who needs to store more than 128GB of Apps on their phone? doesn't everyone just use cloud storage these days??

    Campbell, did you get to see say a game or movie running on the X? I assume games and movies can be cropped slightly so that they don't extend into the rounded and inset area of the screen (as that would look a bit odd)? Being an OLED screen I'm also guessing that the black of the bezel will so closely match a black section of screen so as to be seamless and unnoticable, well would hope so anyway.

    This likely means though that a white bezel would be off the cards in my opinion as you would end up with some awkwardly visible black bands either side of a game or movie.

      Yes the movies automatically leave the 'notch' alone, but you can double tap to fill the screen and have the notch intrude to the picture.

      Yep, what poita said -- it'll ignore the cutout unless you want to zoom in all the way.

    I'm not sure about the iPhone X's security with the Face ID. I know Touch ID was supposed to be in the X but Apple was having difficulty integrating the function into the display, hence its omission. Sure there's still the passcode, but facial recognition can be inconsistent and, depending on the implementation, easily circumvented. Other manufacturers have had better luck. Hopefully Apple's take will be quick and secure.

      No. That was a rumour and incorrect. Apple chose Face ID over Touch ID over a year ago based on usability. We will see when reviews come out how well it works but Apples previous Touch ID seemed to work a lot better than implementation that came out from others. Security of Face ID will also be of interest and hopefully that will be assessed in detail by those who are competent. Wait for the review over rumour and astroturfing.

    Are you ASKING if I want one or are you TELLING ME I want one? Because trust me, buddy, I don't want one. No-one I know wants one. And this article is very clearly an ad for Apple so it's really suspicious that it would be in your Trending Stories list. I think Gizmodo is full of shit and that's why I rarely visit unless a Google search brings me to relevant content -- but there's no daily visiting anymore. Not with shit like this all over your site- I can't trust you.

      I think Campbell is speaking to the people who do want one... not the other camp. At least this is tech related.

      Go to “address bar”, enter different web address, push ENTER

      It’s pretty simple

    The comparison's are almost always irrelevant. Comparing specs directly is hard because apples internal architecture often makes better of the parts and gets more from them. Their external ecosystem that makes use of other apples devices is also a big part of the decision process.

    I do use Apple's ecosystem that is mixed and aged and still far more user friendly than my non apple devices. This include:
    - 7 Year old iMac
    - 4 Year old iPad 2
    - 4 Year old Apple TV
    - 3 Year old iPhone 6
    - 3 Year old Macbook air
    - 2 Year old iPhone 6S plus.

    It all still works seamlessly. The only weak point is the iMac in that I have to reboot it once a week.

    I'll probably upgrade my phone but not sure with which model.

      You're lucky! My MacBook Pro lasted just past warranty (2yrs 2mths and it still looks like it's just out of the box how well I looked after it) before I was told it required a new logic board for $960 + plus labour (ironically close to the cost of my new laptop). My Toshiba that was $1000 cheaper has doubled it's lifespan and still going.

    Whether you buy an iPhone X, love or hate it, everyone wins from this. People need to stop bashing it just because it may not be within their budget or you *think* that it's comparable to some other phone, like a Shamsung S8, when no one here has seen or used one except the half baked hands-on reviews from people in Cupertino.

    The original iPhone created the smartphone market for what we know it as today. The iPhone X has been the biggest step forward since, and marks the start of great things to come with AR and facial technologies.

    Last edited 13/09/17 5:22 pm

      No. You are wrong. Apple is evil and the devil incarnate. Samsung is all that is light and true and good. We must fight the evil.

    How sad are the humans who have to pay such a large amount of money for a crutch to enable them to survive on Earth in 2017.
    It is a wonderful feeling of freedom not needing or even wanting one of those devices which are an intrusion into the normal physical and mental abilities with which humans were born, and forfeiting those abilities to allow a machine to rule every hour of life is a definite guarantee that every user is no longer in control of their own lives.

    Is there a way to unlock the phone without facial recognition? If not, i reckon the cops just found a way to stop people using their phones while driving!

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