Andy Weir’s Moon-Crime Novel Artemis Is Getting A Movie From Lord And Miller 

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have signed on to direct Artemis, a sci-fi flick based on the upcoming book from Andy Weir, who previously wrote The Martian. This comes after the pair was fired from the Star Wars Han Solo spinoff flick, which was later taken over by Ron Howard.

Image: Crown

Since leaving the Han Solo movie, the duo has been offered several projects, including possibly returning to The Flash (after quitting that movie to work on Star Wars). However, it looks like they wanted to do a movie that wasn’t part of an established franchise, giving them a chance to build something from scratch.

Artemis is the forthcoming book from the author of The Martian, which was adapted into the Oscar-nominated Ridley Scott movie starring Matt Damon. Weir’s latest is described as a sci-fi crime caper that takes place on the moon’s first city, conveniently called Artemis. The novel comes out November 17. No word yet on a production schedule for the film adaptation.