Aldi Has A New $55 16GB Mobile Plan

Image: iStock

Available from tomorrow is Aldimobile’s “Jumbo Plan” – and it’ll get you 16GB of data, 300 international minutes to 50 countries and unlimited calls and messages.

Aldi shares Telstra’s core 4G network – but not the faster 4GX parts. So you’ll still get a reliable service, just not as speedy. That being said though, even the core 4G network can reach up to 100Mbps, so you might not even notice the difference.

Other Aldimobile plans have been given an upgrade, too.

Data rollover – previously only available on three plans – is now a standard feature across the whole range. Some plans are getting a data boost, too – the $45 XXL pack, for example, is going from 9GB to 12GB.