10 Things You Could Buy Instead Of The iPhoneX

Announced in the wee hours of this morning, the 256GB iPhone X will cost $1829 in Australia.

That's a lot of dough for a phone, and it got us thinking - what else could you buy for that much moolah?

1. A 55 Gallon Drum Of Lube, $1,468.80 with free shipping

Image: Amazon

2. A Death Star Fire Pit, $1,150

Image: Supplied

3. A Vintage c.1960's CIG Oxy-viva Model MA38 Portable Universal Welder, $1,829

Image: Gumtree

4. A 2006 Ford Falcon BF Mk II XT White 4 Speed Sports Automatic Sedan, $1,825

Image: Gumtree

5. King Robert Baratheon's Warhammer Signed By George RR Martin, $1,800

Image: eBay

6. Six Rescue Dogs, $300 Each

Image: Animal Welfare League

7. A 5m x 5.5m Commercial Jumping Castle, $1,750

Image: eBay

8. A 17-Day Tour In Central America, $1,576

Image: iStock

9. 19 Swags For the Homeless, $95 each

Image: Supplied

10. 152 Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapters, $12 each

Image: Apple



    1 x LEGO Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon (75192) for $1299.99

      And the value will only ever go up :D

        That's what people that got the original thought ;)

          I was just speaking of LEGO in general with that whole "better investment than shares and gold" thing that went around :P

          and why wouldn't they?
          in 2007 it was 999 - today in box it fetches upward of 3500 for first edition.
          Bricklinked variants are selling for close to original RRP with substituted parts.
          With release of red one 10240 - the original Xwing (7191) went from $1500 to around $250/$300. Within 6 months of release, 7191 is fetching back beyond $1000 in most instances

          (750 if you count used/no stickers/subbed parts)

          Anyone who has 10179 is still better off today than when they bought it (myself included) and if you got in the sub 5000 number (#3896/5000) you can add an extra 1000 to it.

          75192 will be on the market for the next 36 months.
          In that time frame, everyone who seems to think money can be made will be shelving new variants for sale in a few years time.

          Given the articles, the upward trend is to sit on sets - have a look at creator modular pre 2012 and look at the price - now check market saturation for post 2012 and realise every man and his dog is trying to make a dollar on the back of it.

          75192 will never reach the dizzying heights that 10179 did - there are just to many people on deck and everyone thinks it will be the next big thing.

          * its worth noting that I have been trading lego as a commodity since mid 2007.
          I make more of retired sets per year than I do in a full time APS position - I can speak with (somewhat) authority on the topic given my background.

          If you can find a 10179 (retail box variant) for sub 2k - my advice is to purchase it asap.
          It will surpass the cost of 75192 for the foreseeable future.

          Everyone at present is trying to off 10179 as they see their 'investment' failing - no different to a small dip in the market.

          I bought 6 7191 xwings new and used in 2013 because of 10240.
          Have two left and I am 1800 up on what I paid overall already

            in my rant I forgot to point out - since the articles, a number of high piece count sets which are generally limited to lego [email protected] are fetching less than rrp years later.

            the old adage - too many cooks spoil the broth.

            My comment was tongue in cheek. The Falcon is a rare example because the first edition came with certificate etc so it is a legitimate collectable.

            Most retail sets face the very real possibility that LEGO could re-produce that set and drop the value instantly.

            Look at prices of 10199 - they dropped when the remake was announced and never recovered.

            Also for what it's worth I really dislike people who treat LEGO as a commodity. Those boxes contain so much fun and enjoyment. Them sitting around waiting for somebody to make money off them makes me sad.

              ahh, apologies, hard to read the context.

              Are you talking about winter village? It was nigh on an exact copy though, not a replacement.

              I can agree with you in part on the tail end of your argument... in part.
              The boxes do contain fun and enjoyment, yet that enjoyment is seasonal.
              We don't rush in and buy every minifigure on the shelf hoping to gouge a parent looking to complete a set.

              We sit on sets we know are at a parental/AFOL price point - the market pays what the market pays. I also pay big for some sets i miss, thats just part and parcel.

              The other thing is, the profits are also funneled to my childrens enjoyment, they've done pretty well out of it - so there is still joy being had at the expense of the set.

              Dislike me as much as you want for doing so, i'll sit here with wads of cash using them to dry my eyes.

                This entire conversation to me is like reading a foreign language but in English. I know what all the words mean, but I have no idea what's going on here lol

                I feel like I am reading a script from "The Big Bang Theory".

                  Oh man, why did you have to ruin everything by bringing that shitty show into it?

                  In a nutshell, if you sit on certain lego sets long enough, you can make 200/300 face value.
                  Some people think that its abhorrent because - think of the children.

                  Which is exactly what i'm doing by making money hand over fist.

                  Lego have a tendency to re-release big sets with changes over the years making old versions drop in price while every one rushes to the new one.

                And yet, I have little doubt we all read the entire conversation...

    You could also buy 21% stake in Channel 10 ;)

    90 smashed avos! Think of all the house deposits you could afford!

    Or, you could donate it to one of the many charities that desperately need the money instead of pissing it away on another unnecessary piece of soon-to-be e-waste.

      Hence the inclusion of rescue dogs (Animal Welfare League) and Swags for the homeless 😊

    how does the BA go with android, im thinking of upgrading from my s7 edge to the BA. also, can anyone tell me if the battery life is better, i hear its got a changeable battery in the BA.

      Sure to pickup loads more babes down at the local Macca's carpark with the BA than the S7 Edge!

        but im married. any other perks of shifting over to a BA for my next device?

    Rego for my car, 1x year CAMS L2S registration and enough change for a track day with some mates, thats what id spend the money on

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