You Can Keep Your Self-Driving Cars, I Want This Jet-Powered Wing Suit

Video: Spreading my arms and taking to the skies like an eagle has always been my biggest fantasy. The closest I've ever come is piloting a two-seater Cessna, which was fun, but nowhere near as exhilarating as Jarno Cordia's latest stunt involving a wingsuit and a pair of jet engines strapped to his ankles.

A hot air balloon carried Cordia and his improvised Iron Man suit to an altitude of 1524m before he stepped off the edge and ignited the jet engines. The 80kg of thrust produced by the engines was not only enough to allow Cordia to fly for almost three minutes without losing altitude, he actually gained a couple of metres before deploying his parachute and landing safely. You can keep your self-driving cars — this is how I want to commute every day to work.


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