When Will You Really Get NBN? (The ‘Less Confusing’ Update Is Here)

When Will You Really Get NBN? (The ‘Less Confusing’ Update Is Here)
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When you head to the NBN’s “check your address” search function to find out when your area can get on board the almost-modern-times train, it turns out that “ready for service” doesn’t actually mean you can connect yet.

NBN has realised this might be a little confusing for us (you reckon?) so there’s a clarification being made to the site – yet another acronym – RTC, or “ready to connect”.

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“While internet providers often start advertising and encouraging residents to connect in advance of an area being declared ‘ready for service’, there is also some confusion when individual addresses within those declared areas still require further work before they can connect,” NBN said in a statement.

NBN says “it has always been the case” that there are homes and businesses in an area declared RFS “that require further work before they are able to order a service”. These are reported weekly in NBN’s “unserviceable” figures and take on average, six months before they become ready to connect, according to NBN.

“By introducing the new RTC status, we want to make it easier for people to know whether they can connect to the NBN network, or if further work required,” Brad Whitcomb, NBN’s Chief Customer Officer said.

“This will remove some of the confusion experienced to date when NBN declares an area ready for service but some people are unable to connect until further work is complete.”



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NBN is also now going to report on premises ready to connect.

“These changes will be visible in NBN’s weekly progress report where the terms ‘serviceable’ and ‘unserviceable’ have been replaced by ‘ready to connect’ and ‘not yet ready to connect’,” NBN said.

“The number of premises in these two categories are added together to give the metric ‘premises in ready for service areas’ which will also still be used to assist the internet providers with their marketing plans and ensure the company can continue to report against its targets.”

So basically now when you check your address on the NBN website, and find you are not yet ready to connect, NBN is going to “make best efforts” to you an estimated timeframe for connection.

NBN says it will “make every effort” to ensure all necessary construction work is complete before a premises is declared RTC “so it is very clear to those outside this category that a connection is still up to, on average, six months away”.

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