We Finally Know How Characters On Game Of Thrones Keep Getting To The Wall So Fast

Season seven of Game of Thrones has been exciting and dreadfully sloppy in equal measure. Important character arcs are rushed, motivations are confusing, and reality has gone out the window in terms of how quickly characters move between locations — particularly the route from Dragonstone to the Wall.

Image: HBO

Jon made the journey to meet Daenerys in no time at all, and last episode the show would like us to believe Gendry ran (I guess?) from Wildling country all the way back to Eastwatch in what felt like a matter of hours. How are these people suddenly capable of Breath of the Wild-style fast travel when others (Arya, for instance) spend whole seasons wandering? An eagle-eyed Snapchat user has the answer: A goddamn ute.

Image: Snapchat via Twitter

Image: Snapchat via Twitter

“But wait, I don’t remember that shot at all,” you may be thinking. As TV Guide points out, that’s because the scene containing the truck gaffe is part of the behind-the-scenes segment that plays after each episode which nearly everyone refuses to watch. A ute never appeared in episode six, so please don’t knock the editors of the show.

But a ute was north of the Wall. And I dare anyone to think of a better explanation for how this journey keeps getting shorter and shorter in a society where — for everyone except Daenerys — the fastest mode of transportation is horses. Dragonstone to the Wall is more than half the length of all of Westeros, and travelling in a straight line from one to the other passes through four unavoidable bodies of water.

The show may essentially be in fanfic territory right now, but for my money, the ute is canon.