Uber Is Giving Away Free Rides Next Week To Anyone Named 'Sam'

Image: iStock

That's right - from 21 through to 27 August, if you're a Sam, Samantha, Samten, Sameera, Samil, Samsun, Samar or any other kind of "Sam" - you get a free $20 Uber ride if you've never used the service before.

Uber's reasoning behind this promotion is that not everyone has heard of the ride-sharing giant referred to by every other start-up when they try to describe their own "gig economy" app - but everyone has heard of a Sam. Sure.

Uber knows this, becasue it's the most common name for people using Uber.

Every single day of next week, Sams can claim a $20 free ride. So..tell a Sam, I suppose? If you do, you'll get a free ride too.

Register here to claim your freebies.

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