This Incredibly Lifelike Hand Puppet Can Even Move Its Fingers And Pick Things Up

Video: Is Barnaby Dixon the reincarnation of Jim Henson? It's hard to believe that there isn't at least a little bit of Henson inside the young puppeteer as he demonstrates his latest creation, a glowing bug puppet that's so articulated it even has moving fingers that can grasp tiny objects.

Made from a lightweight, form-fitting plastic, the puppet can be realistically brought to life using just subtle gestures and mannerisms, instead of exaggerated and cartoon-like motions. It also glows without the need for a blacklight, so when Dixon turns the lights off, he almost disappears, helping the puppet appear even more like a real creature. Someone give this kid a job on Sesame Street, or a TV series, already.

[YouTube via Laughing Squid]

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