Slo-Mo Footage Of Impossible Mid-Air Paintball Collisions Is Better Than Fireworks

Video: The odds of two paintball projectiles colliding in mid-air during a match are incredibly slim. And even if they did, the resulting explosion would happen so fast your eyes would barely see it. But with some clever timing, even more luck, and a Phantom V2511 high-speed camera recording at 28,500 frames per second, you can capture spectacular footage like this.

The latest experiment from YouTube's The Slow Mo Guys featured a very simple mechanism to ensure a pair of paintball guns pointed at each other fired at the exact same time: A piece of string tied to each trigger. It wasn't the most exacting setup, but it still yielded some amazing footage of paintballs slamming into each other mid-air, creating a fireworks show that's still visible in the middle of the day.


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