Samsung Galaxy Note8: Australian Price & Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note8: Australian Price & Release Date

Heard about the new Samsung Galaxy Note8? Just wanna know when you can buy one and when you can get a hold of it? Here’s everything you need to know.

Samsung Galaxy Note8: Everything You Need To Know

The Note8, a mix of old and new: a massive Infinity Display, a brand new dual-lens camera, and that inimitable S-Pen stylus.

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The Galaxy Note8 will be the most expensive phone Samsung has ever released in Australia. At $1499, it’s more expensive than each of the $1249 Note7, $1199 S8 and $1349 S8 Plus. You’ll be able to buy either the 64GB Midnight Black or Maple Gold colour variants in Australia — no Deepsea Blue or Orchid Grey phones will be stocked by Samsung or any of its carrier partners, nor any larger internal storage capacities. Apple’s direct competition for the Note8, the iPhone 7 Plus, costs $1269 for a 32GB, $1419 for a 128GB and $1569 for a 256GB variant.

You’ll be able to pre-order the Galaxy Note8 from tomorrow — August 25 — through Samsung and all its carrier partners, with a convertible wireless charger worth $119 included as a pre-order bonus. Samsung says convenient charging is one of the top three things Note owners wanted from a new phone, so pre-ordering is your way to get that without spending additional bucks.

The phone itself will be available for purchase and will be delivered to pre-order holders around Australia on September 22, a week after the first regions around the world like Korea and the US.

And one last thing: if you buy a Note8 in the launch period in Australia — from preorder until October 31 — and register it with Samsung, you’ll get peace of mind in the form of the company’s free Screen Assure program. That means one free cracked screen replacement in the first year of purchase; Samsung isn’t putting a value on the cost of replacement, but a genuine Infinity Display replacement part from Samsung would run you about $350 — so that’s a great reason to pick up a Note8 early or not too long after general release.

If you were one of the 51,060 Note7 buyers in Australia who had to give back their phones, too, Samsung is planning to make it worth your while to upgrade from whatever phone you’re using now to a Note8. It’s working with the telcos to tailor a package with each — whether that’s an additional pre-order or purchase bonus. We’ll have all that info in our carrier pricing post, too.

We’ll have full carrier pricing for the Note8 in a separate post. Expect to see on-plan costs for the phone significantly discounted, though, to attract you to challenger telcos, along with generous call and data inclusions. Vodafone, for example, will give you an additional $200 credit if you trade in any previous Note device for the Note8.

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