Riverdale’s Creator Is Teasing Us With A Horrifying, Supernatural Monster From Reddit

Riverdale’s Creator Is Teasing Us With A Horrifying, Supernatural Monster From Reddit

By this point, you should know who killed Jason Blossom and kept all of Riverdale‘s sultry, suspicious citizens in a state of low-grade terror for the better part of the show’s first season. Next season, though, it seems as if there might be an all-new, much creepier murderer with a connection to the Blossoms in town.

Image: The CW

Yesterday, Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa took to his Twitter account to post a strange, and frankly creepy as hell kids’ drawing done in crayon of the Blossom twins holding hands as a shadowy figure identified as the “Sugarman” leers at them from afar. The Sugarman, Aguirre-Sacasa said, is coming.

While “Sugar” is the name of Cheryl’s pet pomeranian in the Archie comics and there’s a magical fairy named “Sugarplum” who tends to pop up around Christmastime, there’s no particular character known as the Sugarman. A quick Google search, though, turns up an interesting, Creepypasta-esque Reddit thread about the Sugar Man, a cowardly but murderous creature that sneaks into people’s homes and eats them if it can’t find something to satisfy its hunger for candy canes.

From Reddit user chokingmn:

He’s got a bulbous little body, short and fat, almost round, with a sharp nose better at smelling than a dog. He follows that nose through the snow, but he gets cold and needs the warmth of the houses. He slips into them easier than a mouse, he’s done it for so long that he doesn’t even need to think how anymore. His tongue is long, longer than a dog or a snake and it’s sharp, flicking out, looking for the sugar.

In his telling of the Sugar Man’s story, chokingmn describes how he first heard about the beast from his grandfather while colouring pictures with his sister as their grandfather explained who and what the Sugar Man is. While the Sugarman in Aguirre-Sacasa’s drawing doesn’t quite match chokingmn’s description, it’s worth pointing out that he is wearing a candy cane-striped shirt, holding his telltale bag of sweets, and apparently stalking small children.

All of this is to say that regardless of how you want to spell its name, the Sugarman sounds right up Riverdale‘s alley. The only question now is whether or not this new menace will be supernatural in nature or not and, if so, if we might expect to see a certain teen-aged witch show up to deal with it.

Riverdale returns for its second season October 11.