New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Footage Showcases Culture Clashes And Physical Ones

New Kingsman: The Golden Circle Footage Showcases Culture Clashes And Physical Ones

Video: For all its style and slickly choreographed fight sequences, Fox’s Kingsman franchise is way more interested in being ridiculously fun to watch than anything else. That’s not to suggest that a grappling umbrella isn’t cool (it totally is), but rather, Kingsman knows that it’s that much flyer because of how insane it is.

Image: 20th Century Fox via YouTube

Given that The Golden Circle‘s plot revolves around the British Kingsman agents clashing with their American Statesman counterparts, you might imagine that the film could feature a bunch of altercations between super spies fighting with fancy patriotic weapons. The good news: It does. The great news: Their weapon/gadgets are freaking choice. You have briefcase rocket launchers, electrified lassos, shotgun umbrellas, and hundreds of terrifying drones carrying what appears to be whiskey and/or tea.

This TV spot opens with Eggsy dining with Princess Tilde (Hanna Alström) — whom you’ll remember from the last film and whom Eggsy (Taron Egerton apparently) has apparently kept in touch with — and her parents, presumably the king and queen. There’s a bit of tension, but the manners Eggsy picked up from his training seem to stand him in good stead. That hard-won gentlemanliness is all the more hilarious when contrasted with the much looser and informal Statesman organisation in America.

Add to that Julianne Moore’s maniacal Martha Stewart-esque villain and Channing Tatum’s… questionable Texas accent and you have a spy-fi thriller that knows just how far a little whimsy can take the genre.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle hits theatres September 21.