James Cameron Made Only One Change When Bringing Terminator 2 Back To Theatres

James Cameron, perfectionist that he is, seems pretty happy with Terminator 2: Judgment Day And who can blame him? It's a stunning action film. So for the 3D theatrical re-release, Cameron left the film alone. Mostly.

Image: Distrib Films US

Talking to Entertainment Tonight, Cameron discusses his decision to avoid going fully George Lucas on his old creation. "I've changed as an artist," he said. "Why would I want to second guess myself on what I was thinking back then?"

Well, except for one scene. It's pretty noticeable to an attentive viewer: In the famous canal chase scene, when the T-1000 dive-bombs a tow truck into the canal, the windshield falls out. Only, actually, no, it doesn't -- it's back in the next shot and stays in for the rest of the sequence.

"It just bugged me," Cameron said, laughing. That's fair. Revisiting old work is hard enough without a glaring error cropping up every time. It's not the first time he's mentioned the error, either. Talking to fans at the Berlin Film Festival in May, he mentioned that changing it was the only correction he allowed himself.

So in the new, 4K-ified version of the film, that initial falling windshield has been digitally removed.

Check out Cameron in the interview below. The 3D re-release of Terminator 2: Judgment Day hits theatres August 24th, just a few days shy of 20 years after Judgment Day.

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    Not the only change...
    They put Arnold Schwarzenegger's face on the shunt double that was on the Harley in the canal.

    I hope there are other clean ups. There are many editing mistakes like the window, Arnie's arm shows constantly (wrapped in black) after being removed.

    What about the 3rd arm holding the joystick in the helicopter?

      I always thought the third arm was intentional. The T-1000 grew a third arm for the purpose of flying the helicopter

    I was hoping they would make a couple of fixes.

    Edit out the obvious steam jet when the biker gets thrown into the stove.

    When Arnie jumps his bone into the canal in one shot it's of a pointed ledge and the next it's square.

    A couple of spots the stunt doubles face is a bit obvious.

    How about the fact the the dirt bike in that same canal scene is actually a four stroke yet they dubbed over the sound of a two stroke engine? Would know since I had that exact bike as a kid! It always bugged me when I watched the movie, saw my bike but heard the wrong sound

      This has nothing to do with the adjustments made to the original movie for this months re-release into cinemas.

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