Iron Fist Is Still Smug As Hell In Latest Defenders Trailer

Iron Fist Is Still Smug As Hell In Latest Defenders Trailer

Image: Marvel Studios/Netflix

The finest Marvel heroes Netflix can muster gather for one final trailer before the show drops this Saturday. Also, Danny Rand is there.

The new trailer comes courtesy of Netflix’s Defenders page, and is subtitled “The War for New York.” Despite the title, it has some fun, with some extra snippet of footage from the scene of the heroes congregating in the Chinese restaurant that we’ve already caught glimpses of, and plenty of moments of the heroes sniping at each other.

We also see, much to my unending delight, that Iron Fist (Finn Jones) is a Goku-from-Dragon Ball-style Big Eater (“Takes a lot of energy to summon my chi.”) and that he is very, very pleased with himself about it. In his own show, Iron Fist is more than a little frustrating, what with being a Very Special White Man Hero With Super Hands with no interesting character traits outside of that role. But this trailer in particular gives me hope that he’ll be a little more fun played against the more down-to-earth Defenders who don’t have trust funds or cosmically sanctioned martial arts abilities.

You can watch the trailer on YouTube below, courtesy of the channel MCU Trailer. You’ll probably still want to click through to the Netflix version, though, as the YouTube clip cuts off a fun snippet at the end. “I mean, it’s kinda cool.”

I’ll be watching throughout the day and will update if and when Netflix uploads a cleaner version. (Oh, and shoutout to a couple intrepid Redditors who helped me track down this trailer’s origin!)