IKEA Australia Is Building A Growroom, But It's Not What You Think

Images: IKEA

It's something about healthy shared dining, apparently...

Ikea already has a growroom at SPACE10, its 'future living lab' Copenhagen, Denmark — and it is, in IKEA's own words, "an open-source urban farm pavilion that explores how cities can feed themselves through shared food-producing architecture". That's to say it's a giant spherical walk-in garden full of edible plants and herbs. And it looks awesome.

The 2.4x2.4m SPACE10-designed growroom itself has also been re-imagined as a piece of IKEA flat-pack furniture, although it's not sold in Australia. You can build your own using open-source blueprints, but you'll need an appropriately large CNC machine or laser cutter to chop everything up.

To celebrate the launch of Ikea's People & Planet Positive Report 2017 next week, Ikea will be holding a two-day long shared dining experience in Millers Point in Sydney, with a growroom set up delivering fresh ingredients. If you want to see the giant growroom orb in action, you can register to go along here. [IKEA]

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