Hobart Says It Is Getting Australia's First Apple Pay-Enabled Car Parking

Image: iStock

Hobart City Council is set launch an $800,000 upgrade to the Tasmanian capital's parking system.

Smart Parking is teaming up with Australian Parking and Revenue Control to provide 2,100 sensors that give residents real-time data on available parking spaces. APARC, which is the sole distributor of Parkeon Parking Meters in Australian and New Zealand, will integrate the sensors with Parkeon's 7-inch colour screen parking meters.

According to APARC, Hobart's meters will be the first in Australia to accept payment by Apple Pay, but it's worth noting that other car parks around the country already accept contactless Apple Pay transactions. Thanks to one of our readers, Yaakov, for the heads-up on this.

Smart Parking's flush mounted sensors transmit live data to parking enforcement officers and connect to a fully streamed back-office, which can be remotely monitored from any location.

APARC will handle both payments through SimplePay, which is part of the APARC group, and partner with Alternative Dispute Resolution for enforcement.

Smart Parking has over 40,000 vehicle detection sensors installed in 17 countries.


Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that this car park would be the only one in the country to accept Apple Pay. It has now been updated with further information thanks to a savvy reader.

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