Even Élodie Yung Isn’t Sure What Happened To Elektra In The Defenders

Even Élodie Yung Isn’t Sure What Happened To Elektra In The Defenders

Elektra made her triumphant return from, well, being dead in The Defenders this past weekend. But even after reviving her, the show definitely did some weird things with the character by the end of its eight episodes… things that even actress Élodie Yung doesn’t particularly understand.

Image: Netflix

By Defenders‘ end, Elektra, resurrected as an empty vessel for “The Black Sky”, has gone some places. She’s murdered her resurrector Alexandra (Sigourney Weaver) and established her own control over the Hand. But she also slowly began to reclaim elements of the life that she ostensibly shouldn’t be able to remember from before her rebirth, including her name and, seemingly, much of her on-off romantic history with Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). And then a giant building — and the cavernous bones of a dragon buried below it — blew up on top of her (and Matt), seemingly trapping or killing the both of them forever.

The very end of the season reveals that at least Matt got out alive — somehow! — but what of Elektra herself? Well, speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Yung says she has absolutely no idea what’s going on. Like, at all:

Well, from my understanding, I’m still alive. You know, they gave me this potion to bring me back to life, so that’s my understanding of it, but really I have no clue. I’m just as confused as you, I don’t know what’s going on. [Laughs] I might still be in that building as I’m talking to you [laughs].

Helpful! To be honest, we couldn’t exactly keep up with whatever the hell was going on with Elektra in the show, either, so it’s reassuring that Yung at least seems to have a similar level of confusion.

But hey, considering Matt Murdock managed to get out of those ruins and into the nearest convent alive and mostly well — without the help of the mysterious goopy “substance” the Hand used to revive Elektra and its leaders for centuries — it probably makes sense that Elektra is out there, somewhere, too. That’s probably going to be a question for Daredevil‘s third season to answer.