Android Pay Supports 5 New Local Banks, Including Australian Unity And Reliance

Image: Google / YouTube

If you've been waiting for your bank to support Android Pay, it could be your lucky day. Despite not making much noise about it, five new institutions now support the mobile payment service.

Spotted by Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson, Google's support page for Android Pay has been complemented with five fresh additions: UniBank, Reliance Bank, Firefighters Mutual Bank, Central Murray Credit Union and Australian Unity.

At the time of writing, there's a discrepancy between Google's more public-facing page of accepted banks, versus the tucked-away list on Google's support page. I'm sure it'll be updated in due course.

Also, as Tyson notes, the banks themselves have done little to advertise their freshly-minted support, so things might not be working just yet.

Still, there's no harm in giving it a go!

[Google Support, via Ausdroid]

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