Amaysim Will Give You Loads Of Free Data For Your Galaxy Note8

Amaysim Will Give You Loads Of Free Data For Your Galaxy Note8

Amaysim has a damn attractive offer for any Note8 buyer: 14GB of mobile data, free for six months, when you buy Samsung’s new phone on a 12- or 24-month contract.

All you’ve gotta do? Pre-order — and get those sweet pre-order bonuses for doing so as well.

From Amaysim:

As you have just witnessed, pre-sales for the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note8 have now begun in Australia, and amaysim is offering a complimentary phone plan of up to 14GB for six renewals with the pre-sale of all Note8 purchases.

This is one of the most competitive deals in the market for those looking to get their hands on the new device without the hassle of committing to a lock-in contract.

The free plan adds up to $300 of additional value for customers. Whilst other telcos reveal a range of lock-in contract plans for securing the handset, amaysim has flipped that on its head, enabling savvy consumers to sidestep the hidden costs that usually go with getting their hands on a new phone as quickly as possible.

Customers also have the freedom to choose between purchasing the device outright (for RRP $1,499) or avoid forking out a lump sum to purchase the Note8 by joining an amaysim payment plan of $69/month over 24 months or $129/month over 12 months.

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