After 'Baby Driver', iPod Sales On eBay Went Up By 929%

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Look, it might be a big coincidence - but following the release of Baby Driver, iPod sales on eBay went through the roof.

If you haven't seen the movie yet, do it - but also you might not know that it pretty heavily features the retro music player and looks to have inspired a whole bunch of us to jump online and experience a bit of nostalgia for ourselves.

In the week of the movie launch tells us it saw sales for Apple iPods rocket by 929 per cent. In the following weeks, and after news broke they would be discontinued, there was an increase in sales of a further 52 per cent.

There were 107,354 total product listings of iPods on the site, and it seems we were yearning to snap up what will soon very likely be considered a collector's item.

Even amongst a time of fast paced evolving tech, it seems Australians have fallen in love with the classic iPod all over again. Thanks, Edgar Wright.



    I’ve spent many an hour on eBay whether buying 1st Gen brand new shuffles, nanos and classics is a smart idea, if only for the nostalgia in 20 years time, maybe for the collectors 40 years down the track...

      I reckon the 1st gen Nano or iPod mini.

    the sheep continue follow

      The wankers continue to, uhhh, wank, I guess.

      It’s almost like you think people who like apple product wish that they made everything from chewing gum to houses, and everything in between.

    I would instantly buy an ipod from Apple if they released the Ipod Classic with a SSD instead of a HDD

      A thin 256gb iPod Classic would be awesome. Apple has an opportunity to do this... an iPod SE.

        Apple see's the future as being subscription music on smart phones unfortunately.

      Don't like where the UI is heading, eh?

        I dont mind the UI... On an iphone. I just want the simplicity that was the Ipod Classic UI.

    Why even bother mentioning Baby Driver in this article?

    Anyone I am annoyed they aren't making higher capacity nanos. I just don't like using my phone, it's too big.

      Because it was the week Baby Driver hit cinemas there was a huge spike in sales.

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