A New Fear The Walking Dead Preview Is Heavy On Drama, Light On Zombies

Video: A new, three-minute preview for the second half of Fear the Walking Dead season three was just released, and there's no doubt about it: Things do not look good for any of the characters.

Image: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

However, that discomfort and uncertainty doesn't look like it's coming from zombies. It's coming from the uneasily alliance formed between the Nation and the Ranch. Which, admittedly, looks rather compelling. Check it out.

Much like The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is at a point where its characters can deal with zombies relatively easily. So, instead, the conflict comes from other humans. And here, it's about Madison trying to broker peace between the family on the Ranch, which welcomed her and her family in, and Walker's people, who believe they hold a sacred claim to that land.

The third season of Fear the Walking Dead continues September 11 on FX.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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