Your Favourite Pop Culture Vehicles Come To Life In A One-Day-Only Art Show

Your Favourite Pop Culture Vehicles Come To Life In A One-Day-Only Art Show

Ride On! by Mark Chilcott is on display July 29 at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn. All Images: BNG

The DeLorean. The Ecto-1. The Batmobile. The Lightcycle. Badass vehicles and other modes of transport have long been a memorable part of science fiction and fantasy movies — and artist Mark Chilcott has painted some standout selections in a brand new art show, appropriately titled Ride On!

The show will be open from 11am to 3pm on Saturday, July 29 at the Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. Fans will be able to buy the original paintings from 50 of their favourite movies and TV show at the show, and if you can’t make it to the venue (which let’s be real, is most of us here in Australia), there are online options too.

More on those in a second. For now, check out a small sampling of the super fun paintings from Ride On!

“The idea for the series honestly came about when I was about five pieces into it, and continued to grow as I grew more comfortable with watercoloring,” Chilcott told me. “I hadn’t tried it before, but being a huge fan of the insanely talented Scott C., I started to paint with the ideas that had been building in my head for years. I quickly realised that pretty much every movie that I loved had an iconic mode of transportation in one way or another, and that became a fun focus for me.”

Prints of these paintings will be available online only starting July 28, through July 30. However, they’re only available in random sets of three. They’re 7×7 inches each, signed but unnumbered, and cost $US45 ($57). If you’re more of a completist, there’s also an 18 x 61cm poster with all 50. That’s a limited run of 100 and costs $US50 ($63).

But, if you are in Brooklyn and at the show (lucky you!), the original paintings are $US125 ($158) framed and you can take them with you.

For more information on the show and gallery, visit its website.