These Unreal Weapons Were Handcrafted Out Of Vintage Typewriters

From a purely technical standpoint, typewriters have long outlived their usefulness. Unless you plan on driving into a ravine and getting stuck in a cabin for weeks on end, with nothing to do but crank out the next great novel, a computer (or even a tablet) is the superior option. So, what to do with all the typewriters? Transform them into amazing works of art of course.

Quebec native Eric Nado decided to pull apart various bits of typing hardware and stick them back together again in the form of retro-looking rifles and submachine guns.

Image: Eric Nado

Here's how Nado describes his work:

Olivetti, Underwood and other vintage brands of typewriting machines are transformed into evocative Typewriter Guns by reassembling every piece of the original machines. The series triggers the idea that words are stronger than arms and shape history.

Image: Eric Nado
Image: Eric Nado

The mock weapons appear to up for purchase via Galerie COA for $US2800 a pop. While not cheap, I'm sure it's a pretty reasonable price for the keen investor.

[Galerie COA, via Uncrate]

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