Soldering Iron Tetris Punishes You By Getting Hotter Every Time You Lose

In terms of computational requirements, Tetris has to be one of the least demanding games ever made. So much so, it's turned up on everything from calculators to business cards. And now you can play it on a soldering iron, one that'll burn you for sucking too much.

A fellow with the handle "Joric" decided to edit the firmware for the TS100 soldering iron — which happens to come with a small 96x16 LED display — and add a playable Tetris game.

The 72MHz ARM Cortex M3 that powers the screen is more than potent enough for Tetris' needs.

The altered firmware is available on GitHub and includes instructions on how to play. Oh... and it includes this nasty surprise:

Each time you lose the game the soldering iron tip temperature increases by 10 degrees. Use 12..24V external power supply for the immersive gaming experience.

I'm guessing that's not 10°C, as the iron would be untouchable after two or three losses (pain threshold depending).

Still, if you want an "immersive" Tetris experience, this is certainly one way to go about it.


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