Real-Life Zombie Survival Game Zedtown Is Coming To Adelaide

Real-Life Zombie Survival Game Zedtown Is Coming To Adelaide

Sydney and Melbourne, you’ve had your turn to be eaten alive by zombies. Soon Adelaide will have its chance in the post-apocalyptic sun when Zedtown — the “real-world, zombie-themed” game of tag — arrives in early October.

As part of Hybrid World Adelaide, a five-day event that will turn a former car plant “into a digital hub of mind-expanding interactive technology”, aspiring morsels will have the opportunity to survive (or hunt down survivors) in a massive game of zombie tag.

According to the press release, Zedtown is scheduled for October 7. You’ll need to be 18 or over and while you can bring your own Nerf gun, weapons of foamy destruction will be available to buy.

As for the location, the University of Adelaide will play host:

The University of Adelaide’s North Terrace campus will be transformed into a divided city where human survivors (the players) take up dart blasters and battle against infected zombies. Over the course of an afternoon, as survivors are hunted down and tagged, they too become infected and transform into zombies. Players hold out for as long as they can using ingenuity, clever tactics and clues via ZEDTOWN’s app in a desperate bid to stay human and escape ZEDTOWN.

Tickets don’t go on sale until 9am on August 4. In the meantime, you can sign up to the waitlist on the ticketing page.

If you’re not sure if Zedtown’s for you, we had a chance to check it out late last year in Sydney. Roll tape!

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