NBN Pulled Its Own Ad From YouTube

NBN Pulled Its Own Ad From YouTube

Days after taking to YouTube with an ad marking the halfway point of the national broadband network rollout, and not long after we cheekily pointed out the speedtest result in the ad, NBN Co has pulled their own ad.

Earlier this week we noted that the ad had a closeup shot of what most Australians would consider a rather unspectacular speedtest result: a ping of 598ms, and a fairly unspectacular download/upload speed to match. There was an explanation: the customer was serviced by the Sky Muster satellite service, and the ping and download speeds are fairly standard for that service.

Who's Keen For 598 Ping On The NBN

Earlier today, NBN Co proudly announced that the rollout of the National Broadband Network was halfway complete, with 5.7 million homes and businesses connected. But not everyone is excited to have the NBN connected - and its new promo did an unfortunate job of showcasing why.

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But the vast majority of Australian households aren’t, and won’t, get their internet through satellite. They’ll get it from a hardline connection, or some form of wireless (fixed or mobile). And for those people, seeing NBN show off nearly 600 ping and download speeds comparable to ADSL2+ isn’t something to be proud about. A lot of people already get that, if not better, now, and were angry that the NBN was so proud about their achievement.

So that explains in part why people were annoyed by the NBN’s latest ad. And perhaps because of that, NBN Co has pulled the ad from YouTube. I’ve reached out to the company for an explanation as to why the ad – which had comments disabled from the outset – is no longer online.

Here’s the uploads for the nbn Australia YouTube account:

And the latest NBN Co ad is, well, substantially different.

If NBN Co gets back to us with an explanation as to what happened, we’ll let you know.