Internet Speeds Plummet After NBN Installation

Internet Speeds Plummet After NBN Installation

Residents of Elan Tower in Sydney’s Kings Cross are used to 100Mbps download speeds, thanks to the hybrid fibre coaxial cable they paid Telstra to install six years ago.

Now the building is being forced onto NBN’s copper-based fibre-to-the-building network. The copper telephone wire in the building, travelling up 40 floors, is 20 years old.

As reported by SMH, around 69 households are using the HFC connection, NBN plans to shut it down for good in February next year.

Residents are reporting a drop in download speeds once switching to FTTB from 110 to 30Mbps – prompting some to refuse to switch, threatening ombudsmen action.

Legally, NBN can force Telstra to decommission the HFC network, leaving residents of Elan Tower with no choice.

Are you in a similar situation? Has your internet speed dropped since NBN came to your home or business? Let us know in the comments.